In Pursuance of the provisions of Clause (3) of Article 348 of the Constitution of India, the Governor is pleased to order the publication of the following English translation of “The Utarakhand Urban and Country Planning and Development (Amendment) Act, 2013” (Adhiniyam Sankhya 25, of 2013)

As Promulgated by the Governor of Uttarakhand and assented on 04 April, 2013.

Act – further to amend the Uttar Pradesh Urban Planning and Development Act, 1973 (U.P. Act No. 11 of 1973) (as applicable in the State of Uttarakhand) to the context of State of Uttarakhand.

Be it enacted in the Sixty-fourth Year of the Republic of India by the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly as follows :-

Short title and Commencement –

  • The Act may be called the Uttarakhand Urban and Country Planning and Development (Amendment) Act, 2013.
  • It Shall come into force at once.”

The “Development Authority or the Authority” in relation to the whole of the State Area shall be ‘The Uttarakhand housing and Urban Development Authority’ (hereinafter referred to as the State Authority) and in relation to any development area shall be the Local Development Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Local Authority) constituted and notified under section 4 of the Act :

Provided wherever in this Act the word “Authority” appears, it shall be construed as the Local Authority until and unless expressly provided as the State Authority.

Provided further that the Urban Local Bodies and Village Panchayats will also be construed as Local Development Authority/Local Authority under this Act if so declared by the State Government bu issuing Notification under sub-section (1-A) of section 4 of this Act defining the extent of their development area(s). Concerned Officer/ person of such Urban Local Bodies and Village panchayats shall exercise powers as determined by the State Government by the Gazette Notification under sub-section (1-A) of section 4 of this Act.”